At our company, quality assurance starts with the growing of the crops. Robust seed and seed stock and the permanent monitoring and cultivation of the crops reduce fertiliser and pesticide use to the essential.
The expertise and experience of our farming consultants, state-funded agricultural consultants and producers enable the ideal and safe production of fruit and vegetables for consumers.

Our approx. 250 producers and suppliers grow produce in accordance with the guidelines of integrated and controlled farming or national and international standards of production such as QS, GLOBALGAP or, in the organic sector, the EU-eco-regulation.

A comprehensive quality management system involving different controls monitors compliance with company and statutory requirements, as well as customer demands.

Regular soil sampling of the growing areas, residue monitoring before, during and after the harvest, as well as the complete traceability of our products guarantee the utmost in product safety.   

Further quality assurance measures:

  • Approval for harvesting after determining the point of optimum ripeness
  • Quality-based classification of goods
  • Exclusive use of food-grade packaging
  • Ideal storage and refrigeration of the goods
  • Compliance with stringent hygiene regulations in accordance with International Food Standard (IFS)
  • Traceability of goods by means of scanner technology